Drum Corps

My Drum  Corps  years  include Florida Vanguard 77-79, Spirit of Atlanta 80-81, & the Concord California Blue Devils 82-83.  In 1983 I also won the World Championship Individual Snare Drum Competition. Recently, after attending WGI Finals in Dayton Ohio, I’ve decided it has been long enough. Hanging out with my fellow drummers and the instructors from Blue Devils lit that fire again.

My nephew Brandon said something that rings true to anyone who’s ever marched, “It’s like a family. You bond with each other and that friendship never leaves you. It doesn’t matter what corps or what division your in, we’re all united.” Ok those probably are not his exact words but that’s what he meant. (My memory is blurred form the overwhelming feeling I had all weekend.)

I am blessed to have accomplished all that I have in the drum corps world and humbled by  how far it has come. Bravo!